Our carts are fully equipped with extended roof, head lights, horn and wind shield. Book a golf cart from Monchos Cart Rentals for your vacation to Ambergris Caye and ride in comfort on the island’s main mode of transportation. You will get the chance to drive around the Island and view our many hotels, restaurants, bars and beautiful beaches.   To book your Golf Cart today Click here.

WELCOME To Moncho's Golf Cart Rental

Fun Facts
Currency:  $1 U.S. Dollar = $2 Belizian Dollars

Nearly All Shops Accept US Dollars or Credit Cards and there are many conveniently located ATM's throughout the Island.

Primary Language:  English (Spoken by nearly everyone)

Secondary Language: Spanish

Government:  Democracy

Rates from as Low As:
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3 Hour                 $37.50 US

7 Hour                 $45.00 US

10 Hour                 $55.13 US

Our Rates also include:
  • Insurance Damage Waiver
  • Taxes
  • $25 BZD Gallons of Fuel

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Monchos Cart Rentals here in San Pedro, Belize is conveniently located between both Maya Island Air and Tropic airport terminals. Let us know when you will be here and we will deliver your cart to you. Or just walk right over!

Being located so close to the airport also makes us the most convenient choice when bringing your cart back before catching your return flight!!

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